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My name is Piper. I am an eleven year old Chinese Sharpei. My mission in life is to greet people and by doing so get as many pets as possible. I have the perfect job to do that. I am the greeter and mascot at Sandpiper Landing Inn, which was named after me and my sister Sandi (whom is no longer with us). I believe I am amazing at my job. I went totally blind about 1 1/2 ago and I still rock at my job. I go for daily walks at various parks and trails around the Branson area. Just ask me I will tell which one I went to today. I like variety so I go to many different ones,. They all have there own smell. I still play with my stuffed toys. I nap a little more than I use to do but I still greet just about everybody that comes into Sandpiper Landing Inn. I have lots of friends that ask my Mom and Dad how I am doing when they call or come in. They know me better than anybody else here even Mom and Dad. Every once awhile someone will even bring me treats. Peanut butter and chimken is my favorite. I like to celebrate holidays. Especially Christmas, I get to get a new outfit each year. Well I probably should get off here, I am getting sleepy and want to take a nap. But before I go just wanted to remind you to check out our events calendar so that you can come see me soon.